Paclitaxel Eluting PTCA Dilatation Balloon Catheter

Features and Benefits
A Novel Concept

The CUREX Paclitaxel Drug Eluting Rapid Exchange PTCA (Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty) balloon catheter is balloon-tipped, drug-releasing balloon system for the treatment of coronary vessels. CUREX is designed to improve the lumen diameter and to reduce restenosis in the treatment of lesions in native coronary arteries. 

The balloon section of the distal end of the catheter is coated with formulation of Paclitaxel drug and binding agent. In contact with the body liquid the hydrophilic binding agent swells and open the structure for the pressure induced fast release of paclitaxel drug into the vessel wall.

Intended Use

CUREX Paclitaxel Drug Eluting PTCA balloon Catheter is intended for treatment of atherosclerotic depositions in coronary lesions, specifically in patients with either in-stent restenosis or de Nova coronary lesions with a reference vessel diameter ranging from 2.00 mm to 4.50 mm and lesion lengths up to 40 mm and it is also intended for PRE and post dilatation during coronary stent implantation for improving luminal diameter.

Paclitaxel Drug: A Proven anti-proliferative drug

Paclitaxel drug is a proven anti-proliferative drug that blocks cellular proliferation and migration. The CUREX is a coated with a safe and uniform dose of Paclitaxel for consistent vessel treatment

Why Paclitaxel for DEB?

Paclitaxel was identified as the primary drug for DEB because:
  • Highly lipophilic hence binds tissue at the target site and resists wash-out
  • Antiproliferative drug.
  • Safe and Reliable quantitative Drug deposition into the vessel wall

Unique Design Features of CUREX:

  • It is Effective
  • Lower restenosis rates than standard PTCA/PTA treatments
  • Fast recovery of endothelial function
  • Potential decrease in anti-platelet therapy
  • Potential for homogenous drug delivery to the vessel wall, unlike DES
  • Minimal Drug loss during inflation
  • Safe and Reliable quantitative Drug deposition into the vessel wall
  • Homogenous drug distribution