Eternia - The Next Generation Des Engineered to Deliver Safety and Efficacy with proven Efficacy of Everolimus, Fully Bioresorable Polymer and Proprietary CoCr Stent Surface Finish, Safety and Efficacy is Demostrated By Eternia's Design

Entirely new innovation with unique features

  • Excellent flexibility and radial strength
  • Track ability as never before
  • Everolimus drug coated
  • Reduces artery injury
  • Next generation strut design offering excellent performance
  • Immensely thin struts to minimize the focal injury of vessel wall
  • Awesome surface finish
Drug Release Kinetics

ETERNIA has proven drug release kinetics. Initial burst release of everolimus followed by sustained release up to 40 days

Strut Thickness Matters

Eternia is the thinnest DES available in the market. Thin strut & polymer coating reduces injury to vessel wall and aid faster re-endothelialization thereby minimizing the risk of Thrombosis.

Technical Specifications

Design:Uniform sinusoidal cell design
Material: L 605 Cobalt Chromium
Strut Thickness: 65 µm
Strut Width: 85 µm
Foreshortening:Nearly zero
Recoil:<4 %
Crossing profile:1 mm
Guiding Catheter:5 Fr Compatible
Radial Strength:Excellent

Brochure Eternia