Focused Force Angioplasty for Controlled Lesion Preparation

Features & Benefits

Scoreflex is a focused force dilatation balloon that comes with a dual wire system enabling effective dilatation under lower inflation pressure.

X-Flex tip and TiFo Folding for Low Crossing Profile
Splendid Crossability
The X-Flex tip and TiFo Processing deliver unsurpassed crossability.
Flex Zone
The flexible, soft, tapered tip allows for smooth lesion entry.
Transit Zone
The transit zone provides a balanced support to guide the balloon through the lesion.
Support Zone
The support zone secures the guidewire exit positioning and increases the pushability of the device.
Tight Fold
Tight fold processing results in a slender primary profile for enhanced crossability through tight lesions.

Designed for Unbeatable Trackability

Scorefelx’s soft balloon material combined with elastic nitinol integral wire exhibit exceptional track ability.

Recommended applications:

  • Lesion preparation for stents, scaffolds and DEB
  • In Stent restenosis
  • Bifurcation lesions
  • Smaller vessels
  • Ostial lesions
  • Diffuse disease

Technical Specifications