Teleport Microcatheter is designed for ultimate torquability, trackability and safety to maximize guidewire support and luminal access in the most complex lesions.

Ultra-low profile and pushability for

Navigation inside lesions and micro channels

Two available versions for extra penetration (Teleport) and extra torquability (Teleport Control) to accommodate various anatomies via antegrade and retrograde approach.

HYBRACOIL Construction for

Guidewire Support and Crossing

Hybrid braiding and coil design provides an optimal balance of trackability, catheter control,kink resistance and flexibility from hub to tip.

DURA Tapered Tip for

Robustness and Visibility

DUra RAdiopaque tip is built with exceptional durability and for clear positioning during catheter cannulation inside tight and calcified lesions

Technical Specifications

Brochure Teleport